Awaken your Soul- Awaken to Love - Open your Heart to Life

My call is to support you in breaking free from suffering,
reconnecting to your Truth,
to your Self,
to the Infinite that You are,
to your unlimited Creative Power and Love.

5 Steps to Break free of repeating patterns in your relationships.
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Wondering what a relationship looks like when we live it in the awareness of who we really are  as Infinite Beings?

With having a solid awareness of our spiritual nature,

we can't access to the wonderfull potential that lies within any relationships, let me explain why.

A shift in Consciousness about who you are, from what you have thought yourself to be, to who You trurly are, changes the way you look at your entire life.

You realize that everything that happens in life has sense and meaning, but rarely is the meaning you assigned to it. 

Your awaked consciousness frees you from the illusion, and the prison, of believeing to be a victim of external circumstances.

In fact, you, as me , are the source of All that shows up in your life; and most of all , you are the chooser, of your suffering, or of your happiness.

Regardless of the circumstances.

Suffering is always, but just always, a question of perception. It depends enterily on how you perceive:

and this means  that you are indeed utterly free.

You can re-write and re-direct your life, gaining control on your state of being, remembering your true nature, your  Self, wich is

illimited, eternal, free, creative,loving, inherently worthy.

Feeling pain  it's the opportunity for the realignment on truth.

Stop to seek for a perfect relationship, it will always be a changing mirror of where you are vibrating, of your inner landscape.

Instead learn to embrace the perfection of what is  and grasp the always present possibility to free yourself up from suffering through the relationship itself. 

Others are not meant to make us happy, this is the biggest illusion that we all have been conditioned to believe. What we experience as 'outside' is indeed always a reflection of what is inside;  relationships are a wonderfull tool  for your growth, mutual growth eventually, when we learn how live them in that way.

And we learn how to manage the wounds that any relationship inevitably will bring to the surface.

I can help you to  learn how..

I am here to become what I already am --

an eternal being consciously playing with forms.

As we all are on this path of traveling home,

that is called the spiritual awakening.

Reconnect to your soul self, your Spirit.

Reconnect to your emotional self.

Become aware that you are creating your life.

Choose how you feel, what you believe, and what you create.

Reconnect from your heart to others,

accepting the light and shadows that we all are experiencing.

Feel the abundance that is always there and open yourself to more.

Parent yourself, finally, in a healthy and loving way.

Reiki Events and Workshops in Paris

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"Ilaria's warm and powerful presence is in service of whatever occurs in the moment. She leads circles and ceremonies with a wisdom and an innocence that come from deep experience and wonder for Life's magic. She has the Sight, and is supported by the ascended reiki masters. If you feel called to a session of self-inquiry, needing guidance on your Path, want to connect to yourself and others in profound ways, go visit this urban healer, witch, energy master for a private session, reiki shares or moon circles."


Sometimes you have this kind of meeting which, like a shooting star, crosses your path at an unexpected moment.
Ilaria it is this star which managed to bring me so much light and to light my way.
I started with a workshop that she offered via Meet Up on a woman's circle during the new moon and I embarked on traveling, to each of her workshops, inside myself, with her and the magnificent people who surround him
Each workshop is special, allows us to connect to our emotions and provide essential keys to our personal development.
I absolutely recommend you reiki lessons, women's circles but also cocoa ceremonies.
Ilaria listens, with experience and without judgment, she guides us to the best of ourselves with this energy, this sensitivity and humility so special.


"The healing session up was a flux of positive energy and intense spirituality. I definitely recommend it to all. And under the guidance of amazing Ilaria, this Reiki afternoon was simply unforgettable ! ..will definitely repeat :)"


About Me

Hi there, my name is Ilaria and I currently live in Paris although I’m originally from Rome. Let me tell you a little bit about my story which I hope will resonate with you. I started a path of awakening 14 years ago when I was 25 and I had the first experience of instantaneous spiritual awakening, called satori. I loved deep experiences, even the extreme ones where I was able to find my own truth and to thus learn the importance of balance. This is the breath of my life.

Since those early days I have become someone who is constantly seeking the core of life, of people, of myself. My aim is to live truthfully as I now understand that there is no other way.

This is my Soul calling and the price to find this truth has sometimes meant I had to lose all I had because otherwise I would lose myself in order to hold on to what I had.

"Simply to meet Ilaria and the Reiki has changed my way of seeing life. Many things seemingliy impossible have taken the path of the possible. Dreams materialising in reality. Limiting beliefs erased. Energy shared, teh beginning of a new life... Sensations that I though I was the only one to live being shared, understood. The courage of becoming myself and remain it! I am gratefull to the Universe for having crossed our paths and for every moment we share that become pure magic!"

Within any problem therein lies the seed of the solution.

The circumstances that we live each day are our own creation, they are the RESULT and not the CAUSE of our painful feelings and thoughts.

We need to turn our attention away from the problem and direct it inwards, beginning by questioning ourselves: "What did I believe in order to conjure up this kind of reality?"

Then we need to step back far enough to be able to become aware of ourselves as an infinite Being, connected to the Creator of All That Is, and therefore capable of everything. 

Simply through changing our focus and our beliefs.

Just like changing the filter on a camera lens, the beliefs we hold, the ones we have picked up along the road of life or that have been handed down from our family, society or religion, are actually just filters rather than some inherent truth about life, even though these become your truth for as long as you hold onto them.

We need to recognize that the filters/beliefs we hold onto are coloring our lives or causing lack and to ask ourselves inwardly: 
Are my thoughts/beliefs true?
Is this the only possible truth?
What can I choose to feel that would represent the inherent perfection of my infinite worth that I deserve to receive?
What kind of evidence do I now choose to witness in my new reality which will reflect my own magical power?

From now on use that evidence as a guideline to choose differently.

It is your birthright to be able to create with ease and bring forth evidence of your deservability, of your possibilities, of the Love which the Source of All holds for you, of the goodness in everyone, of the fun you aim to feel.

"When I was 5 years old, my mother told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life."
John Lennon

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