Individual Healing Sessions

As a Reiki Master, I am able to channel a high energy frequency into your energetic field. These higher frequencies will enhance your present overall vibration.

Differing frequency waves do not flow at the same speed although a higher and faster frequency can stimulate the speed of lower and denser frequencies. I will show you how to connect to higher frequencies and influence your body’s biorhythms to bring balance and health.

Higher frequencies are out of range of lower frequencies where disease may be present in the physical, mental and emotional systems of our bodies. By raising the frequency of your biorhythms through meditational type of exercises, you will be able to intentionally harmonize your body to a frequency in which disease will simply dissipate.

During these sessions, I will guide you to open and bring balance into your chakras. I will share with you a specific procedure called “chakra blessing” which I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza, after which you will be able to repeat the exercise by yourself, whenever you wish to do so.

One of the results you will notice after a healing session is that you will feel an increase in self-awareness and will be able to more easily identify the cause of any issue you may be undergoing.

As an intuitive healer, often I receive energetic information during the session regarding the cause or causes at the core of a person’s issue and am therefore able to offer you further guidance about how to overcome them.

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