"Ilaria's warm and powerful presence is in service of whatever occurs in the moment. She leads circles and ceremonies with a wisdom and an innocence that come from deep experience and wonder for Life's magic. She has the Sight, and is supported by the ascended reiki masters. If you feel called to a session of self-inquiry, needing guidance on your Path, want to connect to yourself and others in profound ways, go visit this urban healer, witch, energy master for a private session, reiki shares or moon circles."Lisanne.

"Simply meeting Ilaria and Reiki changed my way of seeing life. Many things that I thought were impossible have gone the way of the possible. Dreams materialized in reality. Limiting beliefs erased. Shared energy, the beginning of a new life. Feelings that I thought was the only one to live, understood and shared. The courage to become myself and stay there! Thank you to the universe for having crossed our paths of life and transforming them each time into magical moments! To be continued….:-)"

"I met Ilaria at one women sacred circle that she was facilitating. I didn't know that she was a Reiki Master Teacher too, but I was feeling from a while a deep calling to explore this energy and a new dimension of the spiritual path. Then I participated to one of the group healing session that she organises, and it has been such a revelation to me. Ilaria touched me deeply with her generosity et humanity. Then I continued to participate to many weekly group sessions, and every time I was feeling more and more connected to Who I really am. Ilaria guided me with softness, providing the exact rights words to help me to free up from my blockages. I am deeply grateful to her. " Mary-Jane.

"I was not expecting nothing special before participating to the cacao ceremony, didn't read the explanations nor I did further research about it; I trust Ilaria and what she does and when I read her proposal for a 'sacred Cacao ceremony', it has immediately resonated within. After drinking the sacred Cacao infusion, we have been guided by Ilaria in a deep meditation; at the beginning, I felt pain on my teeth, the right side (symbolising the father), then I saw an intense blue and I have gone far, very far.. Very beautiful experience, such a deep cleaning, it help to clean whatever needs to be cleaned at the moment. I recommend it absolutely, and I will do it again!" Anne Laure

"I have done some individual Reiki session with Ilaria and every single time I have left more conscious, more peaceful, more energized. Ilaria is gifted to express precious insights that she receives during the session about what she felt was going on within me energetically, and pointed to many deep things that I wasn't able to name clearly. I appreciate her attention to respect the rythme of the other one, not forcing anything, neither our readiness to hear something. She is so compassionate and human, I felt deeply supported and heard". Justine

" The healing session up was a flux of positive energy and intense spirituality. I definitely recommend it to all. And under the guidance of amazing Ilaria, this Reiki afternoon was simply unforgettable ! .. I will definitely repeat :)" Maica

"Reiki is a powerfull tool of self- exploration and self awareness, and the healing group sessions are precious opportunity to understand more, for support and exchange in a very authentic matter. The insights of Ilaria are a great help, either for their rightness, then for the kindness in which she shares them; they help us to move forward, further, to see and integrate other possibilities in our existence". Franck.

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