Within any problem therein lies the seed of the solution

Wherever you feel something is missing in your life, its one and only meaning is that you are ready to transform what you don’t want into what you do want.

Problems are really just Life showing itself through external circumstances whatever we believe can happen to us or that we can potentially be, have or do.

Life is simply a mirror of our inner being, and we all generally get caught up believing that the mirror (our external circumstances) has nothing to do with us.

We miss the invisible link between what happens on the outside and what is going on inside us.

We think that situations such as when another person behaves disrespectfully towards us, or we are struggling to provide ourselves with a financially comfortable life or whatever problem occurs, as something that we need to manage through our actions. We therefore push harder, attribute blame to ourselves or others, or try to improve upon what we perceive to be not good enough.

Until we reach the point where we acquire a strong, anchored inner knowing of being the creator of every single thing that happens to us, since we are the personification of God Power manifesting all we believe, we will continue to perceive ourselves as the victims of external and uncontrollable forces and feel that we should strengthen our force rather than awaken to our power.

Strength and Power are very different concepts. Strength in this context is meant as powerful action.

By not recognizing the significance of what is happening, our external circumstances reflects back to us what we believe about ourselves, our lives, and life itself.

In the absence of taking 100% responsibility for everything that has or is happening in our lives, no changes will last.

Einstein is quoted as saying, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

When we undertake to change our circumstances and use the strategy of pushing or forcing action, we are not in any way changing the very thing that needs to be changed: the way we think.

Even though external situations appear to us to be the cause of our worry, negative thinking, discouragement and anger, they are, in all effects, THE RESULT.

What this means is that how we think causes our external conditions. Our thoughts come before the conditions.

The latter do not cause our thoughts.

We tend to believe the opposite to be true.

We tell ourselves how unlucky we are, how unfair and hard life is, how we will never succeed, that nothing will ever work out for us.

We confirm this to ourselves by observing the circumstances that have been created without realizing that it was our way of thinking that created them.

And the cycle repeats itself over and over.

This cycle can be stopped AS SOON AS we understand that it is our own creation happening to us.

Our creation is the RESULT and not the CAUSE of our painful feelings and thoughts.

We need to turn our attention away from the problem and direct it inwards, beginning by questioning ourselves:

What did I believe in order to conjure up this kind of reality?

Then we need to step back far enough to become aware of ourselves as infinite beings, connected to the Creator of All That Is, and therefore capable of everything simply through changing our focus and our beliefs.

It’s just like changing the filter on a camera lens. The beliefs we hold -- the ones we have picked up along the road of life or were handed down from our family, society or religion -- are just filters rather than inherent truths about life, even though these become our truth for as long as we decide to hold onto them.

We need to recognize that the filters/beliefs we hold onto are coloring our lives and ask ourselves:

Are my thoughts/beliefs true?

Is this the only possible truth?

What can I choose to feel that represents what the inherent perfection of my infinite worth deserves to receive?

What kind of evidence do I now choose to witness in my new reality that will reflect my own authentic power?

And from now on, use that evidence as a guideline to choose differently.

It is your birthright to create with ease and bring forth evidence of your deservability, of your possibilities, of the

Love that the Source of All holds for you, of the goodness in everyone, and of the happiness you wish to experience.

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