Hi, my name is Ilaria and my core heart desire is to support people who wish to transform their lives and relationships and blossom to their fullest potential.

I am passionate about helping you to create the happiest version of your life.

As a Psychic and Medium, (which I was already at 4 years old),  I can see the potentiality beyond where you currently are in life, as well as any patterns that may be holding you back from true Self expression and expansion.

I help you gain a broader prospective of what is presently happening, so that you can better strive towards achieving where it is you would like to go in life.

My wish and desire for you is empowering you by showing you how to recognize,  and transmute any resistance in the way of living life to your fullest potential.

I would help you to  became able to identify the true inner cause of your present struggles and thereby break free from self-imposed limitations (all limitations are self-imposed limitations).

I show you how to look upon and love what is happening in your life, as if it is the perfectly significant place from where to begin to express more of your magnificence.

I would support you to embrace the very crisis you are experiencing, perhaps  a lack of meaning, relationship problems, being unable to express your creative aspects, lack of self esteem or financial issues, and  to use them as a trampoline to reach higher levels and to constantly renew themselves.


I can offer you guidance to:

Bring your divine nature back to memory.

Open up the connection to Oneness,

Reconnect to the awareness of the Power that you are at your core, and that created everything in your life.

Break free from your fears and release your limitations

Deliberatly creating the life you deserve.

Understand deeply your challenges and use them to expand to a more complete version of yourself.

Working together with me includes differents formulas for differents needs:

Quote of the day

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.“

Franz Kafka

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