Transformational Coaching

During each one-to-one session, you will receive insights and guidance for the following:

To become more aware of the energetic patterns that are the source fueling those circumstances you would like to change or improve;

To come to understand yourself as the creator of your own experience. To receive clarity of your core values, needs and desires;

To recognize and be able to release those belief patterns which are holding you back from expressing the gorgeous being you are;

To learn how to forgive yourself and others and free yourself from past hurts;

To experience yourself as an energy of Awareness within a field of unlimited possibilities;

To become and to express the frequency of your “ideal you” and to attract your desires;

To learn how to release self criticism and judgment and to accept and love yourself wholely;

I will be with you every step of the way during the process of the birth of the new, real you during these coaching sessions. I charge €80 per one-hour session and packages are available for multiple sessions.


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