Workshops and Events

The workshops I present are for those who wish to undergo intense and transformative changes within themselves.

During these workshops, we dive deeply into one of the topics (relationships, forgiveness, self-perception, deliberate creation etc).

With the aim of achieving the transformation of the perception you hold about yourself and which you are willing to improve or change.

I will guide you to:

Come to the understanding of how reality works and integrate this into your Inner Knowing.

To learn to reconnect to your Inner Essence and your infinite potential of possibilities.

To identify which of the beliefs, conditions and behavior patterns you are presently holding and which need to be released and to replace them with new intentions and choices which reflect your values, desire and needs.

I’ll also help you to learn how to raise your vibration easily so that you can actually feel that you are already living in your desired reality and you’ll be able to apply this concept in every area of your life which needs improving.

You will actually experience a sense of Beingness during the meditation and you’ll find yourself shifting the way you identify yourself from your Ego/Self to your Soul/Self.

You will be able to break free from the previous self limiting image you held about yourself and uncover the unlimited potentials you hold within.

You will discover your Oneness with your Source Energy and be able to recognize the same in others.

When you are sitting amidst the group energy, you’ll feel the effects of the frequencies as they are collectively raised and the warmth, love, fun you will experience will anchor into your heart a greater understanding of the creative process.

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